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I was notorious for packing WAY too much crap for college.  It would drive my dad crazy, not that he actually helped me carry stuff to my dorm room anyway.  There were plenty of things packed that never made it out of their boxes.

If you are preparing for school, or if you have a child that is, here's a nice list of a few things you can skip out on and save some space.  Thanks Mashable.

1) Stereo: No one needs a big stereo in their room anymore.  Truth is, mini bluetooth speakers sound just as good (if not better) and take up a heck of a lot less space.  You don't even really need one.  Just use your computer speakers.

2) Extra Pillows:  Everyone wants to have a nice looking dorm room.  But extra pillows just end up on the floor, or in a box, and never get set up again after the first night.  They're useless.

3) Iron/ironing board:  Don't bring it.  You probably won't use it anyway.  We all know that you're way more likely to bring clothes home to your mom to get ironed.  If you find yourself in a situation where you NEED to iron something, there's surely going to be someone that did bring one. 

4) Printer:  There are plenty of printers on a college campus.  Don't waste space, or money, on a printer for your computer.  It is not worth it.  Plus, it's definitely cheaper to use one on campus than to buy your own ink etc.

5) Alarm clock:  That's what phones are for. 

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