Photo Credit: YouTube

Have you been saving up your "Awwww's" this week?  You're going to need all of them for this next story.

Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey tied the knot recently because...get this...their seeing-eye dogs fell in love with each other.  That's right, Claire and Mark are blind.  They met in 2012 while at a seeing-eye guide dog training program.  During the two-week course, their new Labrador retrievers became inseparable. 

"As the weeks were going on, everyone was saying how much our two dogs seemed to be getting more frienldly with one another than any of the other dogs," says Mark.

As they spent more time together, because of their dogs, the two came to realize they lived just a mile and a half apart from each other back home.  Once the course ended, the pair agreed to meet for playdates for the animals.  In time, romance began to blossom between Claire and Mark too. 

The couple got married last weekend you may expect...the matchmaking dogs served as ring bearers.

This could be one of the sweetest stories I've ever heard.  You can read more about it RIGHT HERE.