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There's always a lot of buzz about who is going to be performing at half-time of the Super Bowl.  The biggest sporting event of the year always brings out the biggest artists to take the slot. 

But this year, the NFL is considering a new policy.  The league is reportedly asking performers to PAY for the chance to play at half-time.  The NFL sure does have big cojones.

Sources say the NFL approaced representatives from Coldplay, Katy Perry and Rihanna and asked if they would be willing to pay to perform.  The NFL argues that the artists who perform at the Super Bowl end up making a lot of money following the performance off fans buying music, concert tickets etc.  They want a piece of the pie.

Apparently the NFL asked the performers to split the profits of a post-Super Bowl tour in exchange for the slot.  Naturally, the suggestion was not accepted by any of the three major contenders. 

The artists do not get paid to perform but they do get the chance to play their music in front of millions of people.  What do you think?  Should they pay the NFL for that slot?  Or should the NFL take the dollar signs out of their eyes for a minute and focus more on running a professional sports league?  I vote for the latter.

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