Photo Credit: Getty Images

This is a pretty amazing story.

A woman started a 'pay it forward' chain that lasted for 11 hours at a Starbucks in Florida.

She pulled up to get an iced coffee around 7am on Wednesday.  She then offered to buy the drink for the driver behind her.  Well, that chain continued until 6pm.

Workers at the Starbucks started keeping track of the customers and they say it was order number 379 that finally broke the chain.  At first, the employee told reporters that the woman ordering probably didn't understand the concept.  Then it was reported that the person who ended it was a local blogger who was trying to prove a point.

What point?  That they're a jerk?  They succeeded.

I'm not saying you need to go out of your way to be nice to a stranger but this story certainly inspired me. 

You can read more about it RIGHT HERE.