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Police officers put their lives on the line to ensure our safety.  But lately there has been no shortage of bad press for departments across the country.

Kentucky is now one of those departments.

Lyndi Trischler is an officer in Florence, Kentucky.  She is 7 1/2 months pregnant.  Lyndi requested that she be given a desk job until she has her child.  Apparently that's not an option.  Her bosses answered back with an ultimatum that will make women around the world scream in anger.

They told her to go back out on the streets, while pregnant, or stay home without pay.

They even went so far as to issue a memo saying the department will "no longer allow modified or light duty for non-work related injuries, illness or other conditions."

So, what they're saying is that being pregnant is in the same category as an injury and an illness?  That doesn't sound right.

On the bright side, her fellow officers have stepped up to the plate and donated 160 hours of their own personal paid time off.  But, that only gives her four more weeks before the checks run out.

What do you think? 

You can read more about her story by CLICKING HERE or watch the video below.