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We've all been there once or twice.  You're out at a bar with some friends and an annoying song comes on the jukebox.  You look around and you see that group of drunk college girls singing and dancing along like it's the best song ever.  Unfortunately, you're stuck listening to it until the next annoying song comes on.

That situation may be a thing of the past...for a small fee. 

TouchTunes is the latest in bar jukebox technology.  Chances are good you've already seen one of these devices around town.  They're in over 60,000 locations around the country.

Did you know they have an app for it?  Yeah, and it's awesome.  You can select songs from your phone without even leaving your stool, chair or group.  Here are a few other benefits.

-A little extra cash and you can move your song up so you don't have to wait
-You don't have to lose your spot at the bar to put money in the jukebox
-You can even earn free credits by referring friends and playing songs
-Pretty sure you can even skip a song...for a small nominal fee


-Someone can play a terrible song with complete anonymity so you don't know who you have to hate while it's playing
-People from neighboring bars can play songs on your jukebox without even being there

Personally, I think it's pretty awesome.

Keep this app in mind the next time someone plays that song you hate.  Here are a few that top my list of most hated jukebox songs...

"Bye Bye Bye"
"Who Let The Dogs Out"
"Tub Thumping"
"Sweet Home Alabama"
"Friends In Low Places"
That awful "Let Me Take A Selfie" song
"Turn Down For What"
"Call Me Maybe"