With all the Oscar, Golden Globe and Zero Dark Thirty talk, it's not surprising that you may have missed Gangster Squad.  This movie was supposed to come out back in the fall, but it was pulled due to a controversial scene featuring gunman opening fire in a movie theater.  The trailer for the film showing that scene was playing during the Dark Knight Rises.  It was a tough situation for the studio, but they made the right decision to edit it out. 

I found this to be very entertaining.  The acting was great.  Sean Penn and Josh Brolin are incredible actors.  I can't think of the last time either one of them let me down.  Part of me is a little surprised Brolin didn't get some kind of award nomination.  Ryan Gosling may get a lot of attention for his looks, but his acting skills are just as strong.  And, how can I forget Emma Stone.  She doesn't have a huge part in this movie but she certainly steals the screen every time she pops up.

There is a lot of violence and it gets pretty bloody at times.  Just something to keep in mind if that sort of thing bugs you.  I'll be honest, Gangster Squad doesn't reinvent the "gangster movie" wheel, but it kept my eyes glued to the screen and very interested.  It might not be the kind of movie that you need to rush out to the theater to see, but it will make a great movie night when it hits Redbox.