I cannot say enough good things about this movie.  I absolutely loved it.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hands down my favorite film in the whole Avengers series.  Most importantly, it has what the other Avengers films were lacking...a storyline. 

We get a much deeper look at not only Captain America but also Nick Fury and Black Widow.  In other films, those two feel like they're just "there," but Winter Soldier gives them more depth.  We start to see their tortured sides that could play a role in upcoming films. 

Steve Rogers is still trying to adjust to his new life in the 21st century and it's not that easy.  All of his friends are dead, or dying, and he has a pretty strict code of ethics that seems to have been left behind in World War II.  Apparently it's not easy to get back to normal life after being trapped in ice for decades.  Add that to the realization that S.H.I.E.L.D. is crumbling and being taken over by an evil organization, and it's safe to say that Rogers has seen better days.  He does make a new friend in the Winter Soldier.  We are introduced to Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon.  He's a nice addition to the series, even if it isn't a major part.

One of the things that makes me love Captain America more than the other Avengers is how real he is.  Yes, he's a genetically engineered super human, but he's a normal guy at heart.  Iron Man, Tony Stark, is a billionaire playboy that has his issues but he has no real rules.  And Thor is a God.  What problems could he really have?  Captain America has strong beliefs and he fights for the people.  I feel like I can relate to his emotions and struggles.

I truly believe this is a near perfect movie for this genre.  There's some incredible action, great character development, humor and Scarlett Johansson.  I'll never complain about seeing her on the big screen.  If you've found yourself enjoying any of the Avengers films, you will almost certainly love The Winter Soldier.  It's a very solid bet for a trip to the movies.