I've got a little bone to pick with Miranda Lambert. 

Currently she's riding high with one of the biggest songs in country music, "Somethin' Bad."  But she says fans won't get to see that song live.  Miranda says that she has no plans to sing the hit in concert unless Carrie Underwood is there with her. 

Miranda says:

"It's either real Carrie or nothing to me at this point.  I feel like it's such a big deal that we're singing together to me that I don't want fake Carrie or hologram Carrie or guest Carrie.  I just want Carrie or no one."

I appreciate the fact that she respects the song enough to make a statement like that, but I don't think it's fair to the fans.  People are paying $50 (on the low end) and more to go see her perform their favorite songs.  "Somethin' Bad" is one of the biggest hits she has, and it's the current single that has people excited to see her concert.

Why not use a hologram?  Jason Aldean has been doing that with Kelly Clarkson for years.  Brad Paisley uses one for Carrie Underwood when he performs "Remind Me."  Having seen his show a few times, I can personally say that her hologram looks pretty darn good.  It might not be the same as having Carrie right there live on stage, but it will still be a great moment for the fans.

What do you think?

I think Miranda needs to change her stance on this.  I know it's only one song.  But it's a great song and a fun song.  One that would that I bet would sound amazing in concert.