Photo Credit: Getty Images

I should preface this story (just to avoid any angry feedback) with the statementthat I don't really have a personal opinion about this story.  I just find it to be pretty interesting.

We've all seen the POW-MIA flags flying around.  That silhouette you see on them is of Jeffrey Heisley.  Interestingly enough, he was never a prisoner of war.  In fact, he did spend some time in the military but was forced to leave the Marine Corps' officer program due to illness. 

Heisley's father was an illustrator working for a new project: the National League of POW/MIA Familys' new flag.  Since Heisley's illness caused him to lose a lot of weight, his father decided to use him as a model for the project.  And that's where the silhouette came from. 

What intrigues me about the story is that the silhouette on the POW-MIA flag is not of a POW.  I suppose it doesn't really matter who is on the flag.  But, on other logos/flags, there tends to be an image or silhouette of someone related to that group.  Take the MLB and NBA logos as an example.  Those are silhouettes of hall of fame players.  And, the drawing happened in 1970 so there had been plenty of POW's that could have been the inspiration.

What do you think?  Is it strange to you that the silhouette is not of a POW?

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