Photo Credit: YouTube

Justin Bieber has been having a tough year.  Make ups and break ups with Selena, egg throwing, legal troubles and fights with Orlando Bloom.  Actually, I don't know which one of those things is the saddest. 

But one of Canada's finest exports is trying to turn things around.  Recently he took a young girl as his date for an awards show.  It was a dream come true for her.  Now we're hearing a story about how he saved a Russian man's life.

Seriously, it's the real deal.

Igor Vorozhbitsyn says the only thing that prevented a giant bear from killing him was Justin Bieber.  No, the pop star wasn't there in the forest to save the day.  It was a ringtone of Bieber's first big hit, "Baby," that scared the animal away. 

The bear got in some damage before the phone went off but as soon as it heard Bieber's golden voice, it ran off leaving Igor to live another day.

Vorozhbitsyn says he's not a Belieber and that his granddaughter loaded the ringtone on his phone.  Sure, sure.  Either way, the song below is what saved the day.