Punxsutawney Phil's days may be numbered.  An Ohio prosecutor has filed an indictment against the rodent for "misrepresentation of early spring."  Hey, I'm just as upset as the next guy that it's still bitterly cold each morning.  You try leaving the house at 4am everyday when the temps are in the 20's.  It's not fun.  But, I'm not going to threaten the groundhog over that. 

The prosecutor is even seeking the death penalty.  He says, "Due to the aggravating circumstances, the death penalty should be implemented to the defendant."  Seriously? You may remember that Phil failed to see his shadow.  That's supposed to mean that we are expecting an early spring.  Unfortunately for those in Ohio, snow and record low temperatures are still in the forecast.  Clearly they are not happy about it.

In a time when our news headlines are dominated by shootings and financial problems, I'm so happy to see a good fun-loving story like this one.  Phil would never go to trial.

A) He's a groundhog

B) There's no way Pennsylvania would extradite him to Ohio to face justice there.

You can read more about the story HERE.