Photo Credit: Getty Images

There are hundreds of thousands of ticket holders upset with the fact that Garth Brooks cancelled his 5 comeback shows in Ireland.  NONE of them are as mad as Brian Duff.

Duff is publicly begging the superstar to reconsider holding his shows in Dublin.  Why is he so into this?  Because his family has been receiving DEATH THREATS since Garth cancelled the shows. He's even had to flee his home to avoid the danger.

Duff, a construction worker, lodged an injunction against the concerts.  Sources say that injunction played a major factor in the concert licenses being refused.  Now he says he regrets the decision and confirmed that he will withdraw the legal proceedings to have the shows go off as planned. 

I can't say I'm surprised people are mad at him.  But death threats?  Really?  Garth brings out the crazy in people. 

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