Photo Credit: Everett Collection

With the sad passing of Robin Williams, we've been reading and hearing many friends, family and fans offering their personal tributes.  Each has had a certain charm and maybe offered us a quick memory of a moment when the late comedian entertained us in some way.

I came across one tribute, though, that stood out in a different way.

As you might expect, Williams' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was almost immediately inundated with visitors once the news of his passing became public.  One man that chose to stop by the scene was Iraq War veteran, Christopher Mulrooney.  He made his way to honor Williams because he said, "He brought me joy at a time when I was most depressed."

It's easy to remember Robin Williams for all of the movies and TV appearances he made.  But many people forget his charitable work.

Mulrooney spoke of a time in 2003 when he was stationed in Iraq.  Williams was there to perform for troops.  While on duty backstage, Mulrooney had a run in with Williams.  "He surprised me by putting his arm around me and startled me.  I turned with my rifle and he said, 'Note to self: Do not startle soldiers on guard duty."

The two had a short exchange that Mulrooney says he'll never forget and said he wanted to pay tribute to the comedian who "brought so much cheer to so many troops."

"I wish we could have been there for him when he needed love and support," said Mulrooney.

That last quote made me tear up.  RIP, Robin Williams.