I got into a discussion the other night about who was better...Backstreet Boys or N'Sync.  This is one of those age old debates that seems to fire people up a little bit.  I'm on the outside looking in because I think New Kids On The Block are better than both of them. 

The discussion got a little heated (probably because of the margaritas involved) but the final summation was that neither of us would change our opinions.  I was arguing in favor of BSB.  A big piece of my argument is the song I Want It That Way.  Just about anyone between the agest of 25-35 can recite the chorus to that song.  I can't say the same for many N'Sync tunes.  Also, I Want It That Way has been covered thousands of times.  I'm struggling to find any good N'Sync covers.

Case in point, here's a recently produced cover of I Want It That Way.  I think these two folks, Landon Austin and Julia Sheer, do a fine job with it.  BSB 4 Lyfe!