Photo Credit: YouTube

I'll be honest, car fires scare the crap out of me.  Maybe I've seen one too many movies with disastrous explosions.  I've called 911 when I've seen one on the road but I'm not 100% positive if I'd get out of my car to help out.

This truck driver showed immense bravery when he saw a car go up in flames during an accident on the highway.  He grabs his fire extinguisher and runs right toward the fire to see if he can help the people inside. 

Unbelievably, and more than likely due to his actions, the woman inside, and her one-year-old grandaughter both survived the crash.  When you see the explosion at about :25 into the video, you'll be surprised, too.

This truck driver is a true hero to that family.  You can read more about the story HERE and watch the video below.