Photo Credit: Video screenshot

I've always been very open about my distaste, distrust and general hatred for cats.  They're the devil's creations.  My hatred is fairly irrational and stems from the intense allergic reactions I face whenever I'm around one.

Looks like I need to give cats a second chance. 

Newly adopted pet cat, Tilly, saved her family's life by alerting them to a fire on the roof.  Normally you'd expect a cat to be selfish and save itself but Tilly did the opposite.  While her owner was trying to leave the house, she got in his way and wouldn't move.  She kept looking at the ceiling and purring.  The persistent purring made him curious so he touched a light and smoke started pouring out.  That's when he called the fire department.

Without Tilly the house almost certainly would have been destroyed. 

You can read more about the story HERE and watch the news report below.