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We've all uttered these 6 words to someone in our life..."Call me when you get home."  Everyone wants to make sure they're loved ones get home at night.  Now there's a great web-based app that helps ensure their safety.

It's called Kitestring.  It's especially perfect for young women that have to walk alone late at night, but anyone can use it.  It's great for a trip home after work, a blind date or just feeling safe.  Think of it as your online mom, or BFF.

How does it work?  I'm glad you asked.  You program Kitestring with your emergency contacts, your location and the expected duration of your trip.  For example, how long it will take you to walk back to your apartment, or wherever you are headed.  When the time period is up, the app will send you a text asking if you made it home OK.  If you don't respond to the text, the app will automatically send the following text message to all of your pre-selected emergency contacts. 

Pretty cool right?  More details RIGHT HERE.  It's not an app for your phone so you have to get started on the Kitestring website.

Sure you run the risk of falling asleep before you reply to the text and your mom will freak out when she gets her warning text.  But, isn't it worth that risk? 

Seriously, I've been telling all of my female friends about this service.  I already forced my sister to get set up since I know she walks around Boston at night.  It's a great idea and one of the best services I've heard of in quite some time.