Photo Credit: davidorban

I love to sit down and read a good book, but travelling with them can be a huge pain.  And, sometimes I'm just too lazy to read and I want someone else to do it for me.

I did some research about audiobooks and I found some great sites that offer free audiobooks for you to download.  You can pop these right on your mobile device like you would with any song and you're ready to go. 

1) Open Culture - This one is still growing but it has some great classics available.

2) Books Should Be Free - Over 3,000 titles are waiting for your ears.

3) Librivox - This site relies on volunteers to upload audio of themselves reading books.  There's no promise the reading will be amazing but there are nearly 7,500 available titles.

4) Podiobooks - If you're looking to find the "next big thing," this might be the place to start.  Podiobooks features up-and-coming authors.

5) Lit2Go - This site has more poems and stories.

For more options...CLICK HERE