Photo Credit: YouTube

Former teen idol, David Cassidy, was sentenced to a 90 day inpatient rehab program for alcohol abuse.  The sentence is for his January DUI arrest, but it probably didn't help that it was his THIRD DUI ARREST SINCE 2010.  Seriously?  How does this guy still have a license?  Cassidy was also sentenced to 60 months probation and a nine-month alcohol program.

Clearly he has a problem and for that he should get help.  I'm glad to see that, even if it's been court-ordered, he will be getting that.  But, I can't believe it took his third DUI arrest for anything to happen to him. 

A rep for the performer said he had already been enrolled in a facility at the time of his sentencing and the judge will be giving him credit for time served.  He will reportedly be transitioning into a monitored outpatient program early next month.

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