Photo Credit: YouTube

Remember Kevin Grow?  He's the 18-year-old Philadelphia area high-schooler with down syndrome that warmed hearts around the nation when he was put into a basketball game on senior night.  Not only did he get to play for the team that he had been managing for 4 years, but he scored 14 points in 2 minutes on the court.  Not a bad way to go out.

The Philadelphia 76ers didn't want Grow's talents to go to waste.  The NBA franchise signed him to a 2-day contract to be a part of the team.  They gave him a press conference and an opportunity to practice with the team.  The Sixers even introduced Grow during player introductions at the beginning of the game.

Be careful when you watch this because you just might start to tear up.  I know I did.

(The whole video is great but the story really kicks in around the 1:06 mark)


And here's another one for you.