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Carrie Underwood's 2012 hit, Two Black Cadillacs, is being made into a TV series by mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer.  You may have seen some of his work.  I'll list just a few of the movies he's been a part of...

Coyote Ugly
Pearl Harbor
Top Gun
Bad Boys
The Pirates of the Caribbean movies

and the list goes on.

Seems Bruckheimer wants to take the song and turn it into a 6-hour "event series."  The show, set to air on FOX, will delve into a love triangle in the South. It gets murderous when a wife and mistress plot to kill the man that wronged them.

I don't know how I feel about it.  Seems like a stretch.  But, since Carrie is pregnant and won't be hitting the road any time soon, I suppose she needs to do something to make money.

You can read more about the potential show RIGHT HERE.

Here's the video for Two Black Cadillacs.