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This story involves a slightly touchy subject. 

At Brad Paisley's concert in San Diego last week, a woman was approached by security because she was in the pit area with a 4-month-old infant strapped to her chest.  The officers said they believed she was endangering her child.  According to reports and eyewitnesses, she was standing right next to speakers and the child did not have ear protection. 

The officers told her they were worried about the child being injured if there was a crowd surge in the pit and that the music would damage the child's ear drums. 

After watching the video the woman posted, I have to side with the officers on this one.  They were very polite with her and explained the situation.  I understand her disappointment and her frustration.  But, they did offer to move her to another area further away from the speakers or to give her a refund for the tickets.  She took the refund.  She was not thrown out of the concert.  She opted to leave.

Also, she tried to accuse the officers of throwing her out because she had been breastfeeding her child.  She was referring to an earlier incident with a security guard at the concert.  At no point in the exchange did an officer ever mention breastfeeding.  They were looking out for the safety of the child.

The woman, Megan Christopherson, said in a later interview:

"It's a country concert.  I wasn't at a death metal or a rap concert. It's pretty somber at country concerts."

I've been to many death metal concerts, a handful of rap concerts and more than my share of country concerts.  Country fans are absolutely the most rowdy fans around.  There's no question.  Yes, there are mosh pits at death metal concerts.  But, you have to put yourself in them.  There's way more drinking at a country concert and that can lead to trouble. 

She's correct in that every parent has the right to raise their children how they want to.  But it is a police officer's job to protect the safety of the child.  I have to agree that having a 4-month-old baby sitting right in front of the massive speakers at a concert is not safe. 

Personally...I think she's embarrassed and is now just trying to get herself a big payday and I hope no one falls for it.

You can read more about the story RIGHT HERE and you can watch the video Megan filmed below.