In case you missed the moving tribute on the O's 60th last night, here it is. Click on THIS big O's fan below and I'll take you there.
Orioles Magic was ALIVE in Baltimore last night.
Did anyone notice that by beating the Cardinals 12-2 last night that the O's have now won 66 Games so far this year.  66 was also the year the O's won their first World Series.Coincidence?  Probably but I'll take it as a sign.
I still have goosebumps.
I have been a huge Orioles fan my entire life. My Dad took me to the World Series in 1970. I literally cried as a little boy watching the Pirates beat us in the World Series in 1971 and in 1979.
I was in San Antonio working at KXZL radio missing Baltimore and  watching every minute of the Series against Philly in 1983.
That was the last time the O's made the Series. Outside of some teases in the late 90's, it has been a long drought. But this team is for real. Buck Showalter will hopefully win his first and WELL DESERVED Chanpionship here in Baltimore. Let's make sure they know it by supporting them, loud and proud!
 Like Orioles announcer Chuck Thompson used to say "Ain't The Beer Cold". 
Spoken like the true homer that I am! -Michael