People have called him the last Great President,The Great Communicator. Others used words I can't repeat but our 40th President was never afraid to make fun of himself while leading the nation for the eight years that he and his wife Nancy lived on Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House.

On February 6th, 1998,  Washington National Airport was renamed to honor former President Ronald Reagan, changing the name to Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Today on what would have been President Reagan's 103rd birthday, here is a look back at the man, who may have come before many but will certainly live in the history books long after we are gone.


It wasn't always fun and games for President Reagan. There were moments when our nation was stopped in it's tracks by tragedy.The President always knew just what to say. Here's an example after the January 28,1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger.

Happy Birthday, President Ronald Reagan.