A Cleveland Browns fan posted a video on YouTube showing himself urinating beside Art Modell's grave in Pikesville.

The Modell family say they will press charges as the investigation into who this looser continues.

Listen, I understand Browns fans were upset when Modell moved to Baltimore to give us the Ravens. Believe me. Anyone who was a Baltimore Colts fan went through the same ordeal when the Colts moved to Indy. Difference was Cleveland got the Browns back 15 YEARS AGO. 

Modell helped to build them a new stadium to boot. WE lost out teams name and history. The Modell family has donated millions to charity in both Baltimore AND Cleveland. I'm quite sure 99.9% of Browns fans would agree with me in saying the guy who posted this video only hurt one person. HIMSELF ! He's a low life who really needs some help. Comment here.