Here's how I do my ribs. Iusually buy a rack of ribs at Giant. They have a cut called St Louis style thatis meatier than baby back and doesn't have all the fat that the full cut of
ribs has. When I'm ready to cook, I cut the rack in half so it will fit on one
side of my grill. I have a propane grill that has two control knobs for the
left and right sides of the burners. I heat up the grill with the cover closed
on high for about 2 minutes then I turn off one side and lower the heat on the
other side to low. I cover the side that's off with aluminum foil and put the
ribs on the foil meaty side up. Now here's what I think makes the difference. I
get some apple cider vinegar add a couple tablespoons of liquid smoke and baste
the ribs with it and continue basting them every half hour or so.  Ideally
the temperature inside the grill should be around 225. After about 3 and a half
hours I cover the ribs with dry rub. I use Rendezvous rub from Memphis but you
can make your own. There are lots of recipes online. In another half hour they
should be done. You can tell when they're done when the meat pulls back from
the ends of the bones. That's about it! The key to good barbeque is "low
and slow" so have patience.