Whoa. That's almost all I can say after last night's episode. This season is less crazy-walker and more crazy-people and its VERY intense. It just got real.

So let's get right down to the rankings, shall we?


1. Hershel: Definitely needs to continue on as spiritual guide/voice of reason. Why does no one listen to him? Literally no one. But he is always right. His day will come...

2. Daryl: HE CAME BACK! The show can continue. Carry on.

3. Carol: Not only did you get some life back in your cheeks this episode, but you also managed to survive that attack in a badass way (covering your body with a corpse? win.) And now Daryl is back so life is about to get great!

4. Maggie: the girl is dealing with some serious demons right now. But she was still able to pick off that sniper in the watch tower, and she'll definitely prevail.

5. Merle: it pains me to say it. Especially after he tried to steal food from that family on the bridge. But he fought good and hard to help save Rick so maybe this time they won't have to chop off hand #2? We can hope...


1. Governer: What... was... that...? Anyone with a brain evil enough to think of the walker-truck-drop-off has got to be one sick puppy.

2. Glen: Guilty conscious much? I'm not saying the Woodbury fiasco was your fault... I'm just saying... well yeah I'm saying IT WAS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT.

3. Rick: Oh Rick. So crazy. So very crazy. 

4. Andrea: welcome back to the worst list! After one week off the worst list, you've made it back to your rightful place.

5. Mystery Walker Truck Driver: who else took notice of that? It was definitely a woman. Not Andrea... but the way they made a point to focus on her a few times leads me to believe we haven't seen the end of her... Anyway, she's a jerk.

R.I.P. Axel. You literally JUST STOPPED acting creepy. Here was the actual thought process while watching: "oh cool, he isn't gross and weird anymore. Guess he's going to be a big lead player--- BULLET TO THE HEAD?! WHAAA?" Axel, we hardly knew ye.

SPOILER Sneak Peek for next week:


(p.s.... is anyone else sort of sad we didn't get to hear the punchline of Axel's joke?)