This morning on the show, we talked about a new "drinkable" sunscreen called Harmonized Water.

After reading up on it a bit... I'm not buying it! Time Magazine published an article yesterday about the product. Click here to read what dermatologists have to say about it!

THIS is the BEST way to protect your skin this summer:





Now if for some reason you still get burned this summer, THIS is the BEST stuff for healing your skin! I've tried everything before, but this is really incredible. It cuts the pain, provides tons of moisture, and really and truly heals.

Plus, it's great even if you don't burn! After a day in the sun I hate that tight-skin feeling. This really does the trick!


Yes, it's pricey. But trust me... It's worth it! Buy a bottle now so you have it just in case you get a little red this summer! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!