Oh no. Noooo. No no no.

This hot mess of undercooked, soggy, sick-looking chicken wings breaks my heart! 




Dear Blake and Miranda,

I'm here to save you! Because here's the truth: the EASIEST THING you will 
EVER COOK are chicken wings! Here's what you do...

- Buy a rub! People always jump straight for the sauce but first you need some dry spices. Buffalo Wild Wings sells some awesome, fool-proof ones. I use the Buffalo-flavored one.

- Lightly spray a cookie sheet with nonstick spray

- Toss your wings and drumsticks in the rub/spices, then arrange on the cookie sheet skin-side up

Now here's where you have to decide how you like your wings. In my house, we like them dry so I cook them for about 40 minutes at 425. That may be longer than you think, but trust me, they fall off the bone! If you like them saucy, you'll need to cook them for 25-30 minutes at 425, then take them out and toss them in sauce. While you're getting used to cooking wings, I recommend using a thicker sauce (the consistancy of BBQ sauce), not a hot sauce. After tossing in the sauce, put them back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Serve with celery, blue cheese dip, ranch dip, extra sauce, and whatever else you like!