Hmm... apparently Kanye West and Jay-Z just can't stop talking about Taylor Swift!

photo credit to Getty Images

Remember the infamous Kanye-interruption at the MTV VMA's? Yeah, I barely remember it either, considering it was FOUR YEARS AGO. But Jay-Z hasn't forgotten! In fact, he's still bringing it up and mentioning it in songs!

In his newest song, written for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, "100$ Bill", Jay-Z raps:

"That cheese made us constipated couldn't tell us s***/Took that, Taylor Swift
to a hundred f***ing million, b****."

...Apparently the lyrics are about the fact that Jay-Z thinks KANYE MADE TAYLOR MORE FAMOUS by interrupting her... Really? Taylor wouldn't have been as famous if Kanye hadn't interrupted her?

More importantly... Jay... why are we still talking about this? Taylor's moved on... the fans have moved on... Don't you think its time YOU moved on?

And that's my rant for the day.