photo credit to CCM+E images

Bring your Super HarBowl experience to the next level! The big game only comes once a year, and how often is your team in it?! You've got to make the most of the day! Here are some ideas:

Start the day with a good breakfast! Don't drink on an empty stomach. Plus if you eat early, you'll give your metabolism a boost, which you'll need later to stuff your face. And we all know you won't be eating anything healthy later... Try an egg white omelet packed with veggies, and some whole wheat toast.

Make up some drinking games! Drink everytime they show John before Jim, every time they spotlight a Ravens fan in the crowd, etc.

Go all out! This is it! Your final chance to wear your purple pride for the season. Face paint, temporary hair dye, streamers on your car...

Be social! I don't think you should stay glued to your phone, but check your Facebook, Twitter, or other social accounts during commercials. Its fun to hear what other people think so far, and its a great way to connect with other fans.

Make some bets! Bet on what Beyonce will wear, on guest appearances, the coin toss, on how many times they'll say "harbowl" or "harbaugh bowl"... the possibilities are endless!

Be prepared! Monday you'll feel tired, sluggish, and generally hungover after all the beer and fried food you'll consume. Embrace it! But be ready with tums, pepto, yoga pants, advil, water, gatorade, coffee... We'll all be in that same boat together!