Things women can do that guys can't

-  Get pregnant: Sure, guys contribute but they’ll never get as close  (literally!) as we get to our own babies.


-  Fake it: Cue the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. Enough  said.


-  Ask for directions: We have no problem pulling over and asking for  help. Consulting the GPS doesn't count either, boys.


-  Look sexy while sipping fruity cocktails: What guy do you know can look  hot with a pink drink in his hand? Oh, and by the way, we look damn good  drinking beer too.


-  Live longer: It’s a fact, women live five to ten years longer than men.  Plenty of time to take a few more vacations, maybe  hook another hubby.



-  Multitask: We can talk to our BFF on the phone, while watching  America’s Next Top Model and doing lunges. No sweat.


-  Get a new last name: Or just drop it all together, à la Fergie and  Madonna.


-  Wear skirts: They keep us sooo much cooler in the summer than men’s  shorts. Plus, a hot mini is sure to score us a few free drinks at the  bar.


-  Get out of a speeding ticket: A little smile and a “Sorry, officer” is  all it takes to get off scot-free.


-  Become a cougar, not a dirty old man: Sure, the idea of an older man  sounds hot, but the reality is often a skeezy shmuck. Cougars, however, are  fierce. Like: Demi Moore.


-  Wing it on the dance floor...convincingly: Guys will be so busy  checking out your shaking booty, they won’t even notice you’re not a great  dancer.


-  Wear high-heels: They add four inches to our height and make our legs  look fab. Hey guys, what do your ratty old sneakers do for your  physique?


-  Flirt with the bouncer: We bat our eyes at the doorman and get in the  door with no cover charge. If a guy were to try it, we’re thinking he might get  kicked out of line.


-  Blame it on PMS: Just say the words "cramp," "tampon" or “period” and  men instantly let you have your way.


-  Grow out our hair: We miss a haircut appointment and our hair just  looks longer and sexier. Guys miss theirs and they start looking like they’re  homeless.


-  Cover up a zit: Both men and women are prone to blemishes, but one of  the sexes has a multitude of concealers and creams at their disposal to cover  them up.



-  Wear a thong: They make our butt look great and are a surefire way to  turn on a guy. If a dude tried donning one, well, it would just look  gross!


-  Get a manicure: Hanging at the nail salon is just a normal day for a  woman. But a guy getting a mani/pedi is bound to get weird looks.


(Source: Cosmo)

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