It's so easy to focus on your children's big "firsts."

First words... first steps... first time sleeping through the night!

But when those firsts come from your last child, each "first" is also your last.

The last time you'll be pregnant... The last time you'll feed a baby with a bottle.

One mom opened up in this heartbreaking post about what that feels like. 

Here's my favorite part of her post:

“Don’t grow up,” you’ll whisper teasingly in his ear. “Stay 6 forever.” “I have to grow up, Mommy,” he’ll chuckle. “I can’t stop this growing!” Knowing this, you will smush your cheek up against his and inhale the faint baby scent that remains in his curly hair. You will sing to him at bedtime and tell him you love him so so so very much, and as you do these things, you’ll hear a wistful voice in your head reminding you that he’s the last one, the very last one, and there won’t be another.

Read the whole thing (with a tissue) below.

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